Friday, December 11, 2015

Ali Volunteer Team

Sponsorship Team: Ali 

Sponsorship Area    Task(s)                                                  Volunteers
Ali will live with Cynthia Bunbury and her son Nick. Reduced rental rate agreed to.
Cynthia Bunbury
Nick Scheffield (Cynthia’s son)
Accompany Ali to Bridge Clinic for check-up. Provide assistance in booking and attending follow-up visits. Get referral to eye specialist(s) and accompany him/transport him. Make dental appointment(s) and accompany/transport him. Organize translation when necessary.
Need a team of 3 people to do this, with at least one being male, preferably younger.
1-2) John and Lynne Shozawa
3) Lin(da) Parkinson
4) Lynn Spence

Set up services with North Shore Multicultural Society for language classes. Accompany him until he is able to be independent. Visit regularly to help him practice speaking English.
Wilna Parry
Need two people to work with Wilna.
1) Jean Kyle
2) Sylvia Enga
Coordinate with CNIB to assess what is needed and set up supports for blindness. Drive/ ride transit with Ali, share information with team, set up and maintain technical supports. Programming/set-up, finding and learning apps, etc. Once CNIB has advised, purchase cell phone plan (paid for by REST), etc.
Chris Trendell
Need one more person who can provide Tech support for devices.
1) Peggy Trendell-Jensen and sons!
People who can visit regularly, speak English with Ali, take him grocery shopping. May need to learn about Somalian foods!
Ideally some will be younger people.
1) Jacob Muir (young adult)
2) Jacqueline Jantzen

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