Friday, December 11, 2015

December Refugee Update!

Published November 12, 2015

We have lots of information and tasks that need doing. I have put up several new posts, so check this blog site to see all of the information. There is a chart with tasks that will need to be done for our family and for Ali, our young blind man, once they arrive, and over the coming year. We are suggesting that people pair up to volunteer, so that no one person is overburdened and schedules can be accommodated. Please find a buddy you work well with and let me know how you would like to be involved, with this family or with Ali.

We have three refugee sponsorships on the go!

Ali is a 24 year old man from Somalia. He has acquired blindness as the result of an injury. He is currently waiting in a refugee camp in Kenya. We expect him to arrive any time now.

Saber is a 20 year old man from Iraq. He is currently waiting in a refugee camp in Turkey and our plan is to reunite him with his sister and his family who are settled refugees here. Joanne Graham and Satori Soden are our crack paperwork team who have been working through the many details of what it takes to bring a person here. He has already been approved as a refugee with the UNHCR. Once this is all approved, we wait for Turkey to process him.

Our family is a Syrian family of 5 from the city of Daraa, in the south part of Syria, near Jordan. The family is currently waiting in a refugee camp in Lebanon. We do not have an arrival date yet.

Our family’s mother is named Honada. Her husband is Mohammad Said . They have three children, a girl named Nour Al Oyoun, age 18, and two boys, Ahmad, age 12, and Ibrahim, age 11. Nour and Ibrahim have special needs and will require educational assistance. Nour also has health needs that need to be addressed in the near future.

Here are some pictures from Daraa. I do not recommend Googling for images as there are many pictures with dead people.


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  1. We are so excited to be working on this project to help our new neighbours have a safe, healthy and welcoming place to settle. I encourage you to get involved, please, and see how satisfying this sort of giving is. Better than chocolate!