Friday, December 18, 2015

Fundraising Update

Published December 18, 2015

To Parishes working for the Refugee Fund: 
Hi everyone
  We are wanting to share some Good News about fund-raising efforts to date.

We have raised almost $15,000 already! 

See the list below for past events and future plans !
St Agnes
    Cookies for Refugees, Dec 13, $814
    Donations, $1263
    Private Cookie Party: $234
St John the Evangelist
  Fall fund raiser, $1000.
  Donations, $3000.
St Catherine
    Sound of Music, Oct 25, $2150.
    Cookies for Refugees, Dec 13, $757
St Clement
   ‘With One Voice‘ concert, Dec 5, (dollar amount unknown until upcoming January meeting)
   Cookies for Refugees, Dec 13, $1000.
   Other funds raised: $4010

Upcoming events:
Jan 16SaturdayPub Night at local venue, details and ticket information pending, contact St Agnes for information
Jan 22Friday:  2016 Rocking Music event, live music, tix $15, tix from Gloria Dei office, available Dec 14, phone 604.988.5838, Gloria Dei.
Jan 30Saturday: “Guess Who's Coming for Dinner” event, event coordinator Kathy Campbell, St Agnes
February (date to be determined), St Clement may hold a music concert.
If you have other news to share, please send to me,
Thanks for your involvement
Judith Brook
Fund Raising Committee, REST

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