Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Recipies for Refugees!

You are invited to submit a recipe to this cookbook project to assist refugees in North Vancouver, or to pass along this invitation to people who might wish to contribute to this project.

Questions?  Please contact Cynthia at cbunbury@sd44.ca

 Photo credit:  Thomas Nijdam

The Welcome Project: 
A cookbook of comfort food from around the world, dedicated to resettlement of refugees in Canada.

This project is undertaken by Sutherland Secondary School & the Regional Ecumenical Sponsorship Team (R.E.S.T.) in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

All proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to the REST Refugee Settlement Fund, which is assisting in the settlement of an Iraqi and a Somali man, and a Syrian family of five, in our community.  This book will include their stories.  If funds allow, we will continue to sponsor other refugees over time.

Those who contribute recipes also offer words of encouragement, their own stories of life here or in other cultures from whence they came, and the reasons for loving the recipes they share.

Contributors:  how to submit a recipe
Follow the link below for the recipe submission form

Contributors will be identified by FIRST NAMES ONLY in the book.

Please submit ONE recipe, with ingredients, instructions on preparation and serving suggestions.  Note which category your recipe belongs to:  Soups, Salads,  Main dishes (with meat or without), Vegetables, Desserts, etc.  How many does this recipe serve?

2.  If possible, suggest where one might find the ingredients, if they are not readily available in local commercial grocery stores.

2.  The story behind the recipe:  Why is this food a comfort to you?

3.  Where does this recipe originate?  What country/culture & what person (grandmother, aunt, friend…)?

4.  A photo of the food, or you eating the food, cooking the food, etc.

We would like to include recipes from as many different cultures as possible, all of which have contributed to the wonderful cultural quilt that is our community!

Thank you from Sutherland Secondary School and R.E.S.T.

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