Friday, December 11, 2015

Honada's family volunteer team

Sponsorship Team for Honada's family

Sponsorship Area    Task(s)                                                   Volunteers

* Need a coordinator for this area
Once accommodation is found, we need a team to organize furniture, and all household goods, and set up their home. Many people would like to donate items, so much of this job is collecting/transporting, saying yes or no to donated items, and delegating purchases to various parishes, for instance, cleaning products can be provided by one parish, bedding by another.
1) Bernadette Bishop
2) Kathleen Biebrich
3) Sandra Falck
4) Denise Caldwell- short term availability
5) Joane Graham- will help with planning and stocking kitchen

(Pick up available from Jacob Muir)
Set up and accompany family to initial visit at Bridge Clinic. Request referrals to appropriate specialists for each family member. Assist with dental visits; contact Cyrus Ali Akbari, dentist who has offered free services for refugees. Arrange for interpreters to be present when needed.
4 people, in 2 teams
1) John & Lynne Shozawa
2) Jean Kyle
3)Sylvia Enga
4) Susan Christou

(Sylvia Enga's Van available for transport)

Education- ESL
Enroll children in school. Refer for ESL and special ed services. Organize translation for parent visits to school.

Arrange for ESL classes for adults and facilitate transport to the classes. May need to organize child care (available during classes, but kids will need to be enrolled if appropriate). Visit regularly to practice speaking English.
Cynthia Bunbury + 
1) Cera Cruise and Cara Jacobsen-ESL tutoring kids
2) Sheryl Jacobsen- ESL tutoring for parents
3) McPhail family
Community- Life Skills
Assist in setting up bank account, using the bus, accessing local library, shopping, etc. Visit. Organize translation when necessary.
1) Daspe family (weekends)
2) Joanne Graham

Help with childcare if necessary. Provide company. Practice English. Will need a Criminal Record Check if spending time alone with children. There is no cost, just a form to fill out at a police station.
Jean Kyle
Sylvia Enga
Lori McPhail

Find a plan, organize set-up and show family how to use them.
1) McPhail Family
Cell Phone
Find a plan/phone, set up and show family how to use.
1) McPhail Family

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