Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Getting started in school- January 28

The boys are now settling in to Blueridge Elementary school. Thank you so much to our many drivers for making this possible while they are spending their last few days in West Vancouver. Both Ibrahim and Ahmad are eager to get to school and wave their parents goodbye with hardly a glance back. I am told that Ibrahim insisted on carrying his own backpack completely full of school supplies the first day, so that it appeared he would flip over on his back! He wants to do everything for himself and loves going to school.

Nour will go for a tour of Windsor High school on Friday, with the whole family, Cynthia to negotiate, and Sawsan to translate. She can hardly wait. Nour's stamina is not very good due to health issues that are gradually getting sorted, so we will have to be careful that she is not doing more than her body can handle. However, she is getting more and more brave and outgoing as she gets comfortable.

Ahmad's class will be going to Outdoor school in February! His family is keen for him to participate and he is deciding whether or not he is ready for that.

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