Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Honada's Family will arrive this weekend!!!

I do NOT have a date/time of arrival yet, but will post it as soon as I hear.

As far as we know, Honada's family will be arriving on Friday. They could possibly come late Thursday, or, if they are held in Toronto for processing for a while, they could come later in the weekend. 

When they arrive, we have a couple of vans ready; Sylvia Enga has a big van and Cynthia Bunbury also has a van. I am assuming they are both available, so if not, please let me know :)  One of those will take the family and our interpreter. The other can carpool some people who want to meet them at the airport. 

We have temporary housing arranged. A lovely couple from West Vancouver has offered their suite, which is typically rented through Air B&B. It is just a 2 bedroom, so it will be a tight fit, but it is cozy and comfortable and fully furnished. Farooq and his wife have the suite and have offered to help Honada and her family get comfortable and access the bus. Also, Farooq and his wife know a little Arabic, so that is a great help as well.  It is in the British Properties, close to a bus route. 

We have found a beautiful home for Honada's family. Many thanks to Cynthia Bunbury for her perseverance in finding this and to Lisa Lauze for offering us the house at a reduced rent. She is a lovely woman who is keen to help out people in need. Thank you Lisa! 

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