Wednesday, January 27, 2016

North Shore News Corrections!

There was a nice article about "our" family published in the north shore news today: 

Unfortunately, there was a rather huge error in the article. The most important is that they used an outdated list of churches involved in the sponsorship. The reporter originally talked to Cynthia when we were just getting started, back in November and was given a list of the churches involved at that time. Since then, St. John's Anglican, Mt. Olivet Lutheran, St. Stephen's the Martyr in Burnaby, and St. Martin's Anglican have become involved in our project, as well as helpers from St. Andrew's and St. Stephen's Presbyterian. 

Please know that we appreciate all that has been done in all of the churches. We did not think about the list of churches given back in November as we did not know what she was putting in the article. 

Hopefully, the article has helped to encourage a positive view of the Syrians coming to our city and some increased understanding of their difficult struggles. 

Our sincere apologies,

Shannon Muir
REST Steering Committee

Update: The NSN will not post a correction because this is considered an "Error of Omission". I have posted this comment to the article and the journalist has changed the article online so that it reads "multiple north shore churches", as she said we are too many to list!

Best wishes to you all.


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