Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Update February 16

"Our" family is very excited about coming to the Celtic Ensemble concert on Saturday, as special guests of course. They do love to say thank you- good Canadians already! 

Ahmad has gone to outdoor school this week, which is quite stressful for everyone, but exciting as well. He has been given special permission to call home each day and have a chat. The school team at Blueridge Elementary has been so understanding and accommodating of the boys, they are really a wonderful team there. 

Now that Nour is over her strep throat, she is finally having her first full week of school! We are working on finding a way for her to get back and forth easily. A big thank you to all the people who have helped getting her where she needs to be. Rhoda Irwin is a retired bus driver who lives in the community and has offered to do bus training with Nour and Honada! My goodness, wonderful people are everywhere. Isn't it interesting that it takes a family from so far away to bring us all together? Thank goodness they have come!

Doctor and Dentist appointments will continue for quite some time, so thanks to all of the drivers and interpreters who have made this work so smoothly. There is a wonderful team at Lynn Valley Dental Group who has scheduled overtime to be able to see the whole family after hours. Please send them your business, they deserve it. 

Honada has been telling us about the plight of some of her siblings. She is one of 21 children and her mother is still alive! Unfortunately, her mother and one of her brothers are still in Syria and the situation there has become even worse recently. They told her that they didn't know if they would live or die from one day to the next. They have received a visa to go to Turkey, but the Turkish border is closed. They could possibly get out through Lebanon, but they would have to pay smugglers and they have no money. 

She has another brother in Denmark with wife and baby. Denmark will not recognize the baby, who was born there and they want to deport the family to Italy because that is where her brother originally landed outside of Syria. They are given $50 every two weeks to live on. 

Said also has a brother who is in a fenced-in camp in Lebanon, waiting to be sponsored to go somewhere. 

So, they have a great deal to be concerned about and are feeling fairly overwhelmed at times, by all they have to learn here and by what is happening to other family members and friends. All of your kind efforts and supports are greatly appreciated by this very needy and very deserving family. 

A big thank you from me as well.

Shannon Muir
REST Committee

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