Thursday, April 7, 2016

Update April 7, 2016

Our family had a wonderful time at last weekend's First Snow event at Mt. Seymour. Please see the link below for a cute videoclip with me (Shannon) and Honada:

All of the kids in "our" family tried skiing and LOVED it. They were willing to take a break to give other kids a chance, but wanted to get right back and ski some more. Ibrahim and Ahmad had several trips on a Crazy carpet sled and Ibrahim was definitely the braver one!

The family is doing very well. Both Honada and Said are now in their LINC English classes, which go four days a week for 3 hours! The timing is perfect as everyone is now more settled and their ears are used to hearing English.

Ahmad has recently begun North Shore Flag Football. He was offered a free membership and the local Rotary Club purchased cleats and a mouth guard for him.

New Sponsorship: All of the paperwork has now been submitted for Ahmad and Asmaa and their 3 children. Ahmad is Said's brother and we are hoping they will not need to wait too long to join us!

Funds Raised: Thanks to all of our donors so far. We have now raised $55,488! That means, we have less thank $20,000 to go to reach our goal of $75,000. Yahoo! Hopefully, we can organize another round of fundraisers shortly to finish this part of our incredible REST journey.

Thank you to everyone who has donated, driven, helped, befriended, etc. All of your efforts have made a difference.

Shannon Muir
REST Committee

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