Monday, May 2, 2016

Books for kids

Yesterday was a lovely day for our family. I received an email a while back about an "8 year old art sale". Two 8 year olds and a 10 year old, who are friends had an art sale to raise money for refugees. They raised 202$! These lovely kids wanted to use the money to purchase books for our kids. Since there has been so much going on, it took me a while to get organized, but we finally met up at Kid's Books in Edgemont Village. Kids Books gave the kids a 10% discount on their purchases. When we first got there, they seemed quite overwhelmed about what to do, but the staff person was very helpful and they all found wonderful books. Each of the three kids chose an art kit, Ibrahim chose books about animals, Ahmad was very excited when he found a graphic novel series he had been reading from school, and Nour was thrilled with books about fashion and an adult coloring book. They had 10$ left, so Ibrahim picked out some fancy colored pencils and they each got a cool Kid Books shopping bag to carry their treasures in. What a treat for these three. A huge thanks to Liam, Paige and Abby for doing a very special thing for a very special family. Liam and Paige are in the pictures below


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