Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 2016 Update

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This is Ibrahim's class. He is the very scary Gorilla at the front! 

The kids had a wonderful Halloween. Cynthia was able to take them to her stash of drama costumes and I understand the results were all excellent. 

Thank you to everyone who helped make Nour's 18th birthday such a success. She clearly did feel that she was belle of the ball. 

Ibrahim wanted to have a quieter affair. He will turn 12 tomorrow! The family came to my home for a birthday supper this evening and he enjoyed the company of my large dogs MUCH more than his sister did. 

The family is all in good spirits and actually looking forward to their move into a more permanent home. That will take place some time over the next couple of months. Lisa Lauze is getting ready to sell the house that she so kindly offered for them to live in. We hope she gets an excellent price. It is a lovely place in a super neighborhood. Applications have been submitted for social housing in the area, but we realize this is a long shot. We have our eye on some apartments that are in the neighborhood and would allow the kids to maintain their school connections. 

Said is now available for full time work. He has been working off and on for two contractors on the north shore, but neither one has regular employment for him. If anyone spots a job opening for a hard working, handy, friendly, wonderful Syrian man, please let us know. It would be really great if we could find him something that has benefits for the family. 

This young man has been to very many doctors and a dentist in his short time in Canada. Great news- his teeth are perfect! His eyes are not. 

He is now working on learning to use a white cane so that he can eventually be more independent. He is gradually learning all of the amazing things his iPhone can do. Apple devices have accessibility features that make them amazing for people with vision impairments and he is learning to use something called Voice Over. Apple offers training sessions on how to use it and he will need many of these to learn all of the features! 

Bukhari starts his VCC classes this week! He will be learning Braille, English, and how to use a speaking computer. He will go Monday-Thursday and until we find him accommodation closer to VCC, we need to have people who can drive him to and from. If there is anyone who is able to drive to VCC (Broadway Campus) for 9am or home around 3pm, please get in touch with Cynthia Bunbury ( and ask her to add you to the roster. This should be a short term arrangement.

Thanks again for all of your ongoing support and patience with our refugees and with us coordinators! Having so many people to share the work makes this all work. 

Happy November!

Shannon Muir
REST Coordinator

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