Monday, February 27, 2017

Update END of February 2017

Hello everyone and good bye to February!

Thank you all for your continuing support, prayers, funds, and help! We have done a LOT together in one year.

A huge Thank You to St. Agnes Church for the funds raised at the "Gala on 12th". Another huge thank you to the Grade 7 class of Blueridge Elementary school, who selected REST as one of the four charities they selected for money they raised. What an amazing thing for this fantastic Grade 7 class to do. We will use your money wisely for those who need it most. 

Honada, Said, and their kids have now moved into their new suite near Carson Graham school. This is a much more central location, so very practical for them. The kids are now settled into their new schools and doing well. It turns out, Ibrahim's aide at school is a woman who used to be the church secretary at St. Agnes Church! Small world.

Said now has full time employment, doing construction work in West Vancouver. This is what he had always wanted and he is very proud to be providing for the family. Honada has been doing some catering for friends, providing her fabulous Syrian home cooking. The reviews have been excellent! Tillat and Farooq are currently helping her get her Foodsafe certification and then we will put out a menu to the group, in case you would like to order up something yummy! 

Bukhari is doing well at VCC. We have had some hiccups in finding support for him, but we now have a wonderful young Somali man who is working with him to develop independence. This young man, named Mohamed, is planning to move to Edmonton with his family in September, so he has a vested interest in making sure Bukhari is ready to live on his own. They are living and working very well together. Mohamed has excellent English and is very thoughtful and kind. 

Bukhari has a delightful classmate from VCC named Sam, who is a young woman who is blind and is from Iran. She seems to be absolutely fearless and hopes to become a lawyer here. She has a university degree from Iran and amazing computer skills. She is helping Bukhari with learning his computer and phone skills for blind people. He also has a woman named Nadia who is providing English tutoring twice a week.

Bukhari's hopes for the future include getting a job, if we can find something that can fit around his school schedule, and then once his English is strong enough, he would really like to attend a program that would give him skills to make a living and for him to be able to help his family back in Somalia. Unfortunately, the LINC English classes are not adapted for people with visual impairment, even at VCC, where they have a program for visually impaired people! 

We continue to work through various specialist appointments for all of the folks we are supporting and hope that they are able to have stable health in the near future. 

Best wishes to everyone and thank you for all of your ongoing support.

Shannon Muir
Coordinator REST

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