Thursday, November 16, 2017

Update November 2017

Sending a huge thank you to everyone who supported Honada and Said's wonderful Syrian Supper. They were very pleased to be able to share their cuisine with so many of you. On our way home, Honada kept saying, "I'm so happy!" They hope that one day they can open a Syrian restaurant, so the dinner(s) are helping them build up experience toward their goal. I am waiting for photos and will send some along when they are forwarded to me. Thanks to Blanka for taking photos and for pitching in with dish washing at the end of the evening! 

Announcement for our next dinner:

Honada's (Next) Syrian Supper

January 26th, doors open at 5:30pm.
St. Agnes Anglican Church; 530 12th St. E, North Vancouver.

Please pass on the invitation to anyone who might like to come. 

To purchase tickets, go to Search Honada's Syrian Supper. This is open to anyone and everyone. 
The ticket sales will be closed two days before the event. 

Anyone who does not want to use the site is welcome to contact me for tickets. 

Bukhari continues to do well. All medical issues have settled down and are mostly dealt with. 

He has been studying hard to pass his LINC Level 3 test and we are waiting to hear the outcome. He was to receive the test, written in Braille, so this is a new experience for him. He continues to practice his mobility skills, to be able to get around independently, with only his cane and his wits. He is now completely independent within VCC and is working with a trainer from CNIB and an assistant to learn to get to and from VCC by himself. This is no easy feat, given that there is a roundabout, many sloping sidewalks (difficult to feel with a cane), and trees in the middle of the sidewalk to his apartment! Who knew there were so many obstacles? He is working hard and accomplishing a great deal on the road to independence.

Mambo's brother: Some of you may remember that REST has entered into a co-sponsorship with a wonderful man named Mambo, who is originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). We applied to bring Mambo's brother and his brother's three children; one is a young adult, one a teen, and one is 4 or 5 years old. They have been scheduled for their interviews in December, so their application is moving along nicely. We hope to meet them next year! 

Best wishes to you all. 

Shannon Muir
REST Coordinator

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